I have never been into the classy and chic lingerie looks, but from the day I saw a bandeau swimsuit in an online site, I changed my mind. I realized one significant point at that instance-I can always look fabulous despite my size, as long as I take due care in choosing those that will suit me best. I tell you, this is not an overstatement, but a sheer expression of gratitude for what has happened to me since then.


Why Bandeau Swimsuit?

I have no exact answer to feed your curiosity. All I know is that it came to me as a sudden conclusion when I took notice of it. Imagine the naive thoughts running through your brain when this never-appealing issue is brought into the open – lingerie. You can picture me as someone feeling so indifferent, tired of all the noisy arguments about it.

When I looked at the pretty pictures of ladies flaunting in their trendy swimwear, I was amazed to see myself fascinated. Photographic illusion perhaps, if that term even exists. But one thing I knew – it made me decide to give it a try, just a try. If this fails, it’s totally over for this lingerie thing.

My answer to the question is simple – it convinced me to doubt my long-held belief and instantly give myself a makeover. I was then right to get swayed, honestly.


What’s In Bandeau Swimsuit?

It’s a mix of a lot of things I can hardly explain in detail given the constraints. I’ll do my best to justify your time reading this, though. It’s in the look, at first. When you know you’ve got a number of options to choose from, it relieves you from the fear of not being able to pick one, with the limited time that you have. The designs just come in a wide array-perfect even for those choosy ones.

I love the comfort it brings.  You see, I’ve been an avid tanning fan, as far as complexion is concerned. Not only is tanning secured, the feeling of having no tan lines all around your neck is wonderful! It helps ease the worry of having tan lines left all over after a hard day’s tan.

The product line also comes in a variety of options. More often than not, removable halter tops and underwire are prevalent. Padding and clips are also available.


How It Changed Me

My ultimate concern is its capability not to prove you wrong in your initial impression. This might be quite subjective, but the magic comes in when something just invades your world, leaving you satisfied, but wanting for more. I guess, that’s where I was hit the hardest. I just treasure every experience, especially when I’m at my favorite beach resort.


My Lingerie Choice

Bandeau SwimsuitI am not saying that I don’t take a look at other swimsuit styles. When I say that it’s my choice, I make utmost priority in taking a look on all available variants, taking into consideration how the bandeau swimsuit has made me shift paradigms in this specific area.