Having a perfect body to match that bandeau swimsuit is not just enough. Of course you also need to know the different styles that are in for this season. When going to the beach and flaunting that bikini body, you must also make sure that the swimwear you are wearing is also not out of fashion. That perfect body of yours has to match the perfect swimwear of the season. The better way to achieve that is to find the swimsuit that shows that bod the right way. As the season changes the design for new bandeaus also increase.

Coming in different shapes, sizes and styles, the bandeau swimwear collection just keeps on increasing. This is a big advantage for women who want to look good when swimming on the beach or even lounging at the pool side.


The Vintage Type Bandeau Swimsuit

This type of bandeau is the latest bandeau style in the market. Since vintage fashion is the latest fad in this modern time, even the swimsuit collections are bringing back the vintage era with high waist bikini paired with a bandeau top. This kind of style best suits women from medium to heavy body type because the high waist bottom covers up pretty much of the problem areas like the belly and the love handles. High waist bikinis are also great for petite women because it creates an illusion of longer legs.


Fringed Bandeau Tops

The fringed bandeau top is the perfect outfit for a bohemian swimwear. This is another fad among women for this season. A fringed bandeau top paired with a bikini made on a solid color creates a fresh bohemian style swimwear that is perfect for both beach and pool parties. Match that bandeau style with a feathered earring and a braided hair and you are all set.


Aztec Prints On A Bandeau Swimsuit

Aside from the bohemian look and the vintage style, it is great to have a collection of Aztec prints on a bandeau swimwear. Wearing one with different color and prints will surely make you look fashionable when swimming. Wear one with dark or light prints, matched with cool bags and accessories will make you a head turner while walking on those pair of swimsuit.


Boy Leg Bottoms And A Bandeau Top

Bandeau SwimsuitFor the conservative type of women who still want to flaunt some of their assets when swimming, the perfect pair of a bandeau swimwear is the one that comes with a boy leg bottom. The boy leg cut is like a pair of shorts matched with a bandeau top. This is great for women who are not comfortable to walk on the beach with a bikini bottom.

Aside from these bandeau swimwear collections, there are a lot of swimwear styles that women could choose from. There are still the ever famous one piece bikini that can be worn in both beach and pool swimming. Another popular type of swimwear is the monokini which is best for women with a slender body. It is up to you to choose which of the style you want to wear for you next swimming, but nobody can go wrong when they wear a bandeau swimsuit.