One problem for women every summer is finding the right bandeau swimsuit. Looking for the best summer swimwear every year is a pain in the butt. Finding a perfect pair of bikini can be troublesome. Part of the stress in finding a bikini is looking for a perfect pair. It can be guaranteed that if the top suits us properly, the bottom just isn’t participating with our behind.

There are actually a few things that I can share to you so that you can find the perfect swimwear for your next summer getaway.


A Bandeau Swimsuit For A Pear Shaped Lady

Some people say that if a woman has a pear shaped body, she cannot wear bandeau style swimwear. That is actually wrong. Pear shaped women have large bottoms and is not much gifted on the upper part. It may not sound flattering but it also describes that women with this body type has a bigger bottom half. What you can do to best appreciate the lower part of your body is to find a swimwear that draws attention to your hips. The upper half of your body would not be a problem because there are padded bandeau tops that can add a size or two on your bust. This can give your bust size a big boost, making your body look proportional.


Slim Hips For An Apple Shaped Body

Women with an apple shaped body type normally have thin hips. Aside from the thin hips are the long legs and great bust size. Women of this body type can enjoy a bandeau swimwear with a high waist bottom. This gives an illusion of longer legs and perfect curves. This type of swimwear will also make people avoid looking at your waist. Better yet, pick a bottom swimwear that would add accent to your waist which would make an illusion that you have bigger hips. String tie bikini or those with bow on the sides will make a best choice.


Bandeau Swimsuit For Women Of Different Sizes

Bandeau SwimsuitWhether you have a small or big frame, there is a bandeau swimwear for you. All you need to do is to make sure that you know what body type you have. There are bikinis great for small frames while there are also some that is made for larger frames. In terms of patterns and designs, there is also a variety. There are some bandeaus available with printed tops and plain colored bottoms.

Depending on the body type that you have, make sure that you choose the proper design fitted for the body type that you have. For printed tops, it is recommended for pear shaped women. High waist bottoms are also recommended for petite women because of the illusion that it provides. It gives petite women the illusion of having longer legs.

Stripes are common patterns of different swimwear. Vertical stripes give illusions that short women are tall. It also makes one slimmer. The horizontal stripes on the other hand give an illusion that one has a wider top. These are just the different bandeau swimsuit available for different women.